We want to say hello world… and introduce our coolest new idea everyone’s raving about.

What is about?

KARMA, good and bad…a Karmapple would come in handy say if your  boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you and perhaps it was with your best friend!  Maybe your sister/brother hurt you in some way by leaving you out of a fun party (not nice) maybe they didn’t mean it, or even worse, maybe they did OUCH!  That’s where the Karmapple comes in, to just give a little nudge, make them understand they crossed your boundaries or they hurt your feelings in some way… here’s a Karmapple to remind them it wasn’t very nice… try again!

Karmapapples also come in good Karma reminders or a pat on the shoulder for a “job well done and you deserve good recognition for a job well done or to brighten up someone’s day here’s your good Karmapple.

Sometimes a good kick in the Karma pants is what we all need… We will send your KARMAPPLE with a  personalized note to say that wasn’t very nice or maybe just a standard nudge to give ’em a hint they were a jerk…or better yet, to say what a GREAT person they are.


Your Karmapple comes with a note and a sweet candy coated apple choose your flavor(s)


Caramel with cinnamon

Caramel with chocolate

sweet or sour apple 

Choose your script…Good Karma…Bad Karma…we also personalize your Karmapple to suit your story!

We will personalize your story according to the offense or blessing …it’s FUN and a sweet reminder to continue making the world a better place or to knock your crap off!


To order your standard or personalized Karmapple

call Mary 248-579-3473 or Theresa 248-727-3114

prices start at $11.50 plus shipping costs

shipping  only in the United States





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